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  • Materials: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Blue Agate, Lepidolite, Sodalite, Sleep Crystals, Moonstone, Selenite

  •   Sleep Crystals, Crystals to Aid Sleep, Sleep Remedy Crystals, Sleep Treatment, Crystal Healing for Insomnia

    The perfect mix of crystals for a getting a good night's sleep. The balance of Lepidolite, Moonstone, Blue Agate and Amethyst calms the mind and body and allowing you to get good quality deep sleep. The way crystal work is through their electromagnetic energy and vibration which works with our own life energies. There are 7 crystals in the mix Selenite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Lepidolite, Blue Agate, Sodalite and Amethyst. I have already used Reiki and Spiritual Healing to cleanse them and charge them for best effect. They come in a velvet pouch with details of the crystals and how you can use and keep them.

    These crystals are:-

    Lepidolite is a fantastic sleep crystal. Lepidolite reduces stress and depression, relieving obsessive thoughts overcoming insomnia. Lepidolite contains lithium helping to stabilising mood swings.
    Blue Agate - is a natural nurturer. Blue Agate provides a soothing supporting energy calming your mind allowing you to drift into sleep
    Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and peace. It is an excellent calming and reassuring stone
    Amethyst - apart from being an extremely powerful and protective stone is a natural tranquilliser countering the effects of an over active mind helping you get restful sleep.
    Moonstone is strongly connected to the moon and has a powerful calming effect on the emotions.
    Sodalite brings in emotional balance and calms ideal for insomnia.
    Selenite 5cm is another calming stone instilling deep peace.

    As a Crystal Therapist I love to see the positive effect that working with crystal energies bring to both people and animal's lives.

    Every crystal is unique and will vary in shape, size, colour and texture, the photo shows a good representation of the product.

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    Crystal Therapies and Aromatherapy are intended to treat emotional problems and as complimentary health therapy. This is not intended as an alternative medical treatment and if you have a health issue you should consult your GP or Hospital.

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    Sleep Crystals, Crystals to Aid Sleep, Sleep Remedy Crystals, Sleep Treatment

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