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  • Materials: Amethyst, Clear Quartz Crystal, Smokey Quartz, Black Obsidian, Rose Quartz

  •   Animal Crystals for Stress, Crystals for Pets with Fear or Stress, Animal Healing Crystals for Fear/Anxiety

    This Animal Crystal Healing Set will help with symptoms of Stress, Fear and Anxiety in your pet. Visible signs include shaking, whining, self abusive behaviour and hiding. Use these crystals every day when your companion is resting you can place these crystals around them. When they have absorbed enough energy they will get up and walk away. Don’t put them on your pet so that they can’t leave them when they are ready. Animals work with their intuition and know that they are receiving positive energy and will know when they have had enough. You can use them regularly on your pet. I have already used Reiki and Spiritual Healing to cleanse and charge them. They come in a velvet pouch with details of the crystals and how you can use and keep them.

    These crystals are:-

    Amethyst - is a natural tranquilizer blocking negative energies. Amethyst provides emotional centering.
    Smokey Quartz will help with grounding, anchoring and help give your pet clear insight, clearing their mind.
    Rose Quartz as a gemstone is an excellent calming and reassuring stone for your pet.
    Obsidian is a great protective stone blocking negativity and helping with growth and development in your companion
    Clear Quartz is a powerful healing and energy amplifier. Quartz absorbs, stores releases and regulates energy and unblocks it. This crystal works at a vibrational level attuned to the specific energy requirements of whoever needs the healing. Quartz works on all levels of being. Quartz as a crystal for healing is a master healer.

    As a qualified and experienced Crystal and Aromatherapist Therapist I work with all types of crystals creating crystal healing grids and using crystals to attract positive emotional experiences and as protection.

    Crystals form naturally in the earth and are thousands of years old. Each crystal structure has an electromagnetic energy and vibration. As a natural energy source crystals radiate from the planet and regulate everything and as such their vibrational power is very effective in holistic healing.

    Every crystal is unique and will vary in shape, size, colour and texture, the photo shows a good representation of the product.

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    Crystal Therapies and Aromatherapy are intended to treat emotional problems and as complimentary health therapy. This is not intended as an alternative medical treatment and if you have a health issue you should consult your GP or Hospital.
    Sending Healing and Love http://bit.ly/37lIH6w

    Animal Crystals for Stress, Crystals for Pets with Fear or Stress, Animal Heali

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