• Handmade
  • Ships from a small business in

    United Kingdom

  • Materials: Impatiens Flower Remedies

  • Volume: 30 milliliters
  •   15 Bach Flower Remedy 30ml Treatments, Bach Original Flower Remedies, Bach Flower Essences. 15 Bach Flower Remedies 30ml treatment bottles made up from Original Bach Flower Remedies including Fear, Stress, Loneliness, Anger/Resentment, Insomnia, Grief/Sadness, Life Changes, Comfort Eating, Self Doubt/Uncertainty, Panic Attacks, Calming, Mood Swings, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Anxiety and Despair/Depression. Each Bottle contains between 6 and 7 different Original Bach Flower Remedies and so is excellent value for money. This also including a lovely Resin woven storage box which is 28cm x 20cm x 12.5 leaving you plenty of room to expand your collection of therapy bottles over time. I also use Reiki healing on each treatment bottle before it is sent out to maximise healing from the treatment.

    Please rest assured that all our treatment bottles are handled in as sterile as an environment as possible.

    Instructions: To Use: Put 2 drops into a drink of your choice and sip regularly. For combination use, add 2 drops of each essence (max 7 essences) into a mixing bottle with some water and take 4 drops 4 times a day.

    As a qualified and experienced Bach Flower Remedies Therapist I work with the Original Bach Flower Remedies to provide treatments for specific problems. Each blend has been carefully selected to offer the best remedy for each.

    Throughout our lives our emotions are constantly changing with changing circumstances and at some point we will all experience most common negative emotions. It is when they stay with us that they start to become a problem. Some negative emotions, if ignored, also lead on to more serious health problems.

    These blends are created from Dr Bach's 38 original Bach Flower Remedies devised in the 1930s after years of research and trial and error.

    Bach Flower Remedies are intended to treat emotional problems. This is not intended to treat medical problems and if you have a health issue you should consult your GP.

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    15 Bach Flower Remedies 30ml bottles, Bach Original Flower Remedies, Bach Flowe

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